Tony Diaz

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Updated my personal website to gatsby

April 04, 2020

I haven’t touched my personal site in over a year. I’ve been meaning to make updates but it never seemed like a priority. I don’t think it is that valuable to me to invest inthis site since I’m not creating alot of content or selling things from it. It is still a good thing to have as a forntend developer I do see alot of forms asking for your personal website wether it be meetups or conference talks.

My site has been hosted from Github pages and used Jekyll to gerneate the site and blog. I recently switched to gatsby for a few reasons.

  • It was time for an update. I’m a little embarrsed of my site prior to this one. So I didn’t like advertising it for people to checkout.
  • I wanted to make some updates on my site but I wasn’t sure how to in Jekyll. Jekyll is based on ruby and I’m not all that familiar with it. So as I want to customize it more I would have a hard time to do it using Ruby. I swithced to Gatsby since it is based on React and I am familiar with it so it seems like a natural fit. Gatsby also has a good set of plugins for what I need.
  • I’d like to start adding more content and pages to my site and again being familiar with React Gatsby would be easier to for me to grow my site.
  • I’m intrested in JAMStack and how powerful it is. Gatsby supports JAMStack more than most other CMS
  • I previously posted a template on the gatsby site and want to support the ecosystem by using it.